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The Awful, The Hideous, The Downright Criminal. . . & The Hilariously Awesome

it escalated. After taking into consideration approximately 40 minutes
into the game between the Yanks and Rays tonight the fact that I
probably should of saved yesterday’s headline to describe this
miserable one at the Trop instead of yesterday’s at Kauffman [which now
seems like skittles and rainbows in comparison], I’ve settled for
pushing myself to express how painfully dredful this game was in the
worse possible way I can [partially because it’d make me feel better and mainly because I can].

The Awful:

The man still claiming to be Chein-Ming Wang:

wang disaster.jpg

… and actually, awful doesn’t even begin to cover it.

The Hideous:

CMW’s “relief”:


Thanks Albalade-no-way-anybody-is-catching-that.

The Downright Criminal:

Take your pick. We have:

– The siiiiick Willie Mays type play that robbed Nady in the second.

– The play by Crawford to rob Swish of a double bagger, which clearly established the game as utterly unfair in the 6th.

– The multiple defiant pop ups from hell that just would not give the Yanks a break.

– Cody Ransom’s presence.

– Carlos Friggin Peña.

The Hilariously Awesome:

the mere use of the word awesome, you should already know who I’m
talking about: Nick Swisher. Because 1). Wang was so splendid 2.) the
Yanks brilliantly don’t have a long man and 3.) the pen was luckily
already running low on ammo, the mastermind was forced to bring out his not so secret weapon: DJ Swish a.k.a.
Stun Gun [that will be his new nickname] to pitch the 8th:

swish pitching 1.jpg

The moment I saw him on the mound was the moment I finally appreciated my curse
blessing of being uncontrollably compelled to watch all 9 innings of every game I sit
down for, no matter how disastrous. I swear, that was the single most
hilarious thing I’ve ever seen in baseball. Not only did he do his job tonight [knocking one over the fences], he did the pen’s too… Nick Swisher was the man.. now, he may very well be Jesus.

Side Notes:

hilarious as it was, how sad is it that Swish was the only guy who did not allow a run tonight and actually notched a K off Kapler, all while topping out at the high 70’s, while the fellas who get paid to pitch allowed 15 runs?

Comparison of the ERA’s Tonight: 

Wang: 28.93

Albaladejo: 4.26

Coke: 9.82

Swisher: 0.00

One more aspect of Nick Swisher’s awesomeness: the fact that he took
the time to tip his cap to Carl Crawford following that play listed
under The Downright Criminal that robbed him in the 6th. Great guy.

– A-Rod was at the game today and apparently he’s losing his precious hair and thought our slaughter was amusing.

I swear, I’ll never get used to the Rays as contenders. From last place
to  American League champs in a the span of a year and
suddenly Rays fans fill their ballpark and dare to chant  [rather loudly]
“Yankees Suck”… You know baseball ain’t what it used to be when those [formerly] bullied start to punch back.

– As per Pete Abraham – Swisher’s post game interview:


To also add to The Awful list: the deaths of both Harry Kalas &
Mark Fidrych.. I don’t know what is with tragedy’s stranglehold on
baseball so far this season, but I hope this the last of it.. Rest in
peace to both men.

On Deck: Payback.

P.S. Just watched the 8th over again on the encore on YES [because I have no life] and three more hilarious things I noticed: First) Swish was actually hitting the edge of the strike zone a few times.. could really teach Veras a thing or two.. Second) [Something Abraham also mentioned] Swish was shaking off Molina, despite Molina not holding up any signs.. and Third) Tony Peña was trying so hard not to cry from laughing, lol..


Last Day Of Pathetic Season Pt. I: Moose Notches Win #20

Finally, the Baseball Gods show mercy and cease the torture upon poor, old Bullwinkle.


Here’s a direct quote from the mind of Mike Mussina [yes, I know what he thinks]: “‘Bout f***ing time.”

Side Notes:

Another quote from the game [this one from the mouth of Michael Kay]: “Joe Girardi is
managing this like a World Series game to get Mussina his 20th win.” Well… duh. He won’t be managing any actual World Series games this
season so this is the closest he’ll get to it.

I virtually bow down to Xavier Nady right now for driving in the first
3 Yankee runs today, putting them in the lead and Moose in position for
the win.

Though I expected something of the sort from them, those damn Red Sox
fans dared to hold up the number 2000 to remind us of the last year the
Yanks won a championship. My response to that: Chu wanna play rough?
OoOokay… Even if the Red Sox miraculously win the World Series again
this year, I’ll still be holding up a sign with the number of
championships they still need to catch up. That number is still in the
double digits suckers. *

Last Day Of Pathetic Season Pt. 2 to begin at 7:35… though that
could change with the flood-like rains that have hit Boston this weekend. I just
laugh at the fact that Ponson will be pitching the last game of the season for the Yanks [Jeff is likely laughing too].

– I knew this already, but for all those who didn’t: Papelbon is a baby. On
the rare occasion that Mariano suckks do you see him throw a hissy fit?
Never. Thus, Papelbon’s name should never be uttered in the same breath
as Mo’s.

to the cool Red Sox fans who might get all offended. However, to all
the not so cool Red Sox fans: you’re lucky I don’t say worse.

P.S. I have only one word for the Mets: HA.

P.P.S. I lied, I have 8 more words for the Mets: You’ll always be New York baseball’s ugly duckling.

to mention: Rookie hazing was the other day and guys… the village
people? Couldn’t have been more creative than that? I would’ve made
them dress up as the Teletubbies.

Original post here.

Uh Oh, It’s That “Surge” Again

2 game winning streak. It is on now.


Yes, the surging
Yanks have won two straight again. Gotta watch out for those pinstriped
boys. [That was some sarcasm for ya, in case you didn’t detect that.]

sorry if I sound not as optimistic today, but ehck, had to go
back to school today [don’t need no stinkin’ edumacation] and when the Yanks win now, it kind of doesn’t
matter, unless they do it 4 or 5 times in a row. 2 win or even 3 win
runs aren’t good enough. I’ll be glad to post happy thoughts if
they prove me wrong.

Side Notes:

– Check out the left on base total for tonight: 4 [yes, as in the number below 5.]

– Anyone else think “X Marks The Spot” thing is getting kind of old? It sounds cool… until you say it more than once, then it becomes just one of those things you say because you have nothing else to say, like “How ’bout them Yankees?” [No one [no Yankee fan at least] bothers to answer that anymore… again, sorry for partial pessimism.] I think the one exception to the wearing-it-out rule is “Hip Hip Jor-ge”… seriously never gets old.

Song Time: Guess who’s back… back again… Joba’s back… the run scoring will
end. Ahh, remember having that confident feeling when Girardi made the signal?
Nice to have that back huh?

– Moose train made stop #17 tonight. Bullwinkle will probably have about 5ish starts left. I say screw it, go for 21.

Picture Boy smacked one over the fence tonight… with no one on base.
The Yanks won, so I won’t complain [much], but the jog around the
bases is sweeter when there are guys in front of you. Might wanna give that some thought.

– Mr. Crutch & Crutch will be making another start tomorrow. [That’s 3 starts in a row with no DL time in between, record check?]. Another win from him will be mindbottling.

Original post here.

So Pittsburgh Wasn’t Stupid After All – [Joba Update]

Xavier Nady + Damaso Marte

Jose Tabata + Dan McCutchen + Ross Ohlendorf + Jeff Karstens
Sounded like a pretty ingenious trade for the Yanks and a downright giveaway for the Pirates, am I right? [rhetorical question]

Well take a look at what two of these guys in the trade just did:

Jeff  Karstens – The guy just went 9 innings surrendering just 2 hits my friends, and had a perfect game going into the 8th. Oh and by the way, he also had two hits, facing Randy Johnson I might add. Since joining the Pirates Karstens has made two starts, earning a win in both. 15 innings, 7 hits, 0 runs.

Damaso Marte – The guy gave up a walkoff grand slam on Monday night to lose the game for the Yanks. Since joining the Yankees Marte has pitched 4.2 innings, allowing 6 earned runs and 4 walks while still somehow managing to strike out 8.

The trade still looks good for the Yanks with Nady tearing it up… but Pittsburgh isn’t looking so retarded now huh?

Side Notes:
– Abraham is reporting that Joba has been placed on the 15-day DL [also reported by the Daily News and NY Post] while Chris Britton has been called up. Still no word on what the Doc has said but I have a feeling we won’t be seeing Joba anymore. Ian Kennedy will be starting on Friday in place of Joba, while Dan Giese starts on Saturday.
– OMFG, Tampa won again today, despite being down 7 – 4 in the bottom of the ninth. They hit two blasts to score 6 runs in the last inning to win the game. What is with this team? When did they become the Yankees?

Here’s The Updated Story On Joba:
This from Brian Cashman: Chamberlain has what is being described as
rotator cuff tendinitis. He will be rested for “about a week” and then
start a throwing program after being evaluated again.

He will return to New York.

Just for your own reference: “tendinitis” is a nice way to say he has a little tear in his rotator cuff.

Joe Girardi said before the game he was optimistic Joba would play
again this season. But a rotator cuff issue is nothing to mess around
with. Don’t expect to see Chamberlain any time soon this season, if at
all.– Pete Abraham

Worst… Loss… Everrrr

Proof Below:
texas walkoff.jpgTie game in the bottom of the 9th and
a walk-off grand slam to win it for the Rangers… enough said. To say
this loss was horrible is an understatement.

Side Notes:
– Seriously, when the F is that instant replay coming?
– I know Marte is the veteran and what not, but the walk…  2 walks3 walks wasn’t a hint to pull him out? Nady ties it, but Marte hands the win to the Rangers on a silver platter [Pittsburgh laughing].
Oh and Joba left the game tonight with right shoulder stiffness… with the Yanks’ luck who knows how serious it is.
– Big G knows the trick to pick up some luck. Grow a ‘stache, get a few hits out of it, then shave it. Simple and it works. I like it.
– Case of Good News / Bad News: The Yanks avoid going another game back in the standings as both the Rays and the Red Sox lost… but they lose another chance to gain ground on both of them.
– Thanks to everyone that stopped by in the in-gamer tonight, especially to Jason, who stuck it out for the whole 9.

Big Note: From Pete Abraham:
Joba Chamberlain will fly back to New York tomorrow for an MRI and other tests on his right shoulder.
The injury appears more muscular in nature and does not involve the labrum or rotator cuff. “It doesn’t hurt in the wrong places,” Chamberlain said. “My velocity was fine.”
Joe Girardi said that at the very least, Chamberlain would miss his next start. The last time he said that about a starter was Chein-Ming Wang.”

Hmmm… Ian Kennedy might be finally getting his second shot.

Game 1 Of 10 Game Road Trip – Joba vs. Padilla 8:05

          The Yanks will kick off a four game set against my second favorite team the Texas Rangers tonight in Arlington. The Yanks will be facing the Rangers, the Angels and the Twins in the “Let’s see what you got” 10 game road trip that starts tonight. Joba Chamberlain will take the mound for the Yanks and face Vincent Padilla for the Rangers.

Game Time: 8:05
                                     joba profile pic-1.jpg                                                    ph_218894-.jpg

Updates To Come:

6:19: The Stache has met it’s demise. It had no more luck left in it so Big G finally said his goodbyes. I wonder if he’ll stay clean shaven or see if he can squeeze some luck out of a new ‘stache.

6:21: Nady named Co-Player Of The Week for going 10-19, with 10 RBIs and 3 long balls. Keep making Cashman look like a trade God.

6:50: Just realized [courtesy of Sean of Yankees Daily] that the last regular season game at Yankee Stadium will be on ESPN. How crappy is that? It’d take me forever to list the reasons why I hate ESPN so I’ll cut to the chase: I want to thank whoever is responsible for this for slapping the Cathedral in the face. Nice job.

6:53: According to Pete Abraham, Joe G. has said that Dan Giese will start on Friday while Raz moves into the bullpen.

7:38: Melk is sitting out tonight and Girardi said he just wanted to give him a day or two off. Everyone knows Melky needs it. With the speedster Christian starting in center, it’ll be fun to see what havoc he causes on the bases.

7:45: It is currently 102 degrees in Arlington with 28% humidity making it feel like 104. It’s going to be tough just to breathe, let alone play baseball.

7:52: Good news: Mo says he’s ready and able to pitch.

8:13: Single by Bobby and A-Rod walks with two out. Big G up and looking weird.

8:21: And G comes through with a single to put the Yanks on the board.

8:24: The Yanks only put up 1, but have Padilla heaving for air.

8:30: Joba holds the Rangers down in the 1st, throwing 13 pitches.

8:36: Yanks go quickly and quietly in the 2nd.

8:43: Efficiency from Joba so far. Let’s hope that lasts.

8:55: Yanks fail to put up some more runs but push Padilla’s pitch count to 55 after 3 innings.

9:05: Joba ends a tough inning with a K of Michael Young. A run was prevented from scoring by a great stop by Jeet and Salty’s overslide.

9:15: Big G cranks a homer to put another run on the board for the Yanks. Should’ve shaved that ‘stache a while ago.

9:16: Robbie cranks one to tack another on. 3 – 0 Yanks. Padilla at 79 pitches with two outs in the 4th.

9:41: Balk gives the Yanks another run.

9:50: Red Alert: Pudge smiled.

9:55: Crazy inning unfolding for the Yanks. Someone get these umps glasses, pleease.

9:57: Joba now serves up another HR to make it 6 – 5 Texas.

10:04: Joba is taken out of the game with an apparent injury. Pray it isn’t serious.

10:20: Yanks get something stirring but not able to push across a run. Still waiting on word on Joba.

10:25: Edwar works a nice and easy 1-2-3 inning.

10:36: Yanks go down 1-2-3. With Joba taken out it seems the bats have got the air taken out them. The Yanks can easily tie this game and with the loss by Tampa, they have a chance to gain ground tonight.

10:40: As of yet, the word is “stiff right shoulder” on Joba.

10:44: Bruney pitches a solid 7th. Time for some more runs. A-Rod, Giambi and Nady coming up.

10:50: The X-Man strikes again! Homer! Tie Game.

10:57: The other guy in the Nady deal, Marte, coming into the game.

11:07: Marte allows a triple by Murphy but gets out of the jam by striking out my boy Crush Davis and getting Saltalamachhia to fly out.

11:19: Jeet had a chance to give the Yanks the lead but gets robbed of an RBI single by Hamilton in center.

11:36: It’s all over. Marte walks the bases loaded and Byrd hits a walk-off grand slam. One of the worst losses this season. Not a good way to start of the road trip.

Thanks to everyone that stopped by tonight.

X-Man Powers Yankee Comeback To Seal The Split

x-man-1.jpg          X marks the spot… and that spot happened to be in deep left field today, where X-Man’s blast in the 7th inning landed to give the Yanks a three run lead, beginning the see-saw battle that winded up playing out in the final game in this series versus the Angels of… [where are they from now?]… in the Bronx. I only saw bits and pieces of the game today, but I did happen to catch the bomb by X that lifted the crowd off their seats. X winded up with 4 hits and 6 RBIs for the game. One of the other trade acquisitions, Ivan Rodriguez, actually got the party started with a home run in the 5th that put the Yanks on the board. The Wise One, also known as Cashman, was probably feeling like he should’ve been bowed down to today.

          Today’s win was huge, not just to salvage some pride, but surely to pump up this offense before they head into the hazardous heat of Texas for a four game set against the Rangers. Joba Chamberlain will face Vincent Padilla tomorrow night to start off the series. I will probably do an in-gamer for at least one of the games against the Rangers because the Yanks are facing my second fav team 🙂 Maybe tomorrow. Let me know what day is best for you guys.

Other Notes:
– Abreu really saved himself with the bat today. I saw his blunder on the bases and… jeez. That’s one of those plays that you scratch you head and furiously scream “What were you thinking?” Did I or did I not say that the Yanks manage to embarrass themselves at least once every time they face this friggin team?
– I heard Christian was tearing it up on the bases. Speed is a murder weapon.
– Turns out Edwar is not so unhittable versus the Angels.
– Farns ain’t with the Yanks anymore but still found a way to get them back for the trade that sent him back to Detroit, surrendering the lead for his new team while facing the Rays. The Yanks will have to try to gain ground again tomorrow.
– I wasn’t able to stick around, but shout out to EJ for running a great in-gamer today.