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Disaster With A Side Order Of Delusion

Nuke LaFarnworth has just about been replaced by Nuke LaChamberlain.

joba kendry.jpg

Nuke: “I held it like an egg.”
Crash: “Yeah, and he scrambled that son of a b****.”

Side Notes:

– Still can’t fathom how a game that looked as good as it did at the start could become such a nightmare by the end.

Digesting The Disaster That Is Joba Chamberlain:

In 17 games this season, he’s lasted more than 6 innings just twice.
9 hits in each of his last 3 outings.. [in just 5.1, 3.2, and 4.1 innings..]
Managed to accomplish a 9 pitch 1st in this one, only to follow it with a 29 pitch 2nd.
Bats jumped on Saunders early.. and he lasted longer than Chamberlain.
Is king of the no-decision.. which may actually be benefiting him.

And he’s beyond delusional.

Joba’s Latest Various Statement’s of Denial:

“I think things are going well.”
“I made great pitches throughout.”
“You can’t change the past.”
“The last two starts is the best my stuff’s been all year.”
[Last two starts: 3.2 innings, 8 runs & 4.1 innings, 5 runs..]
“The sun is going to come up tomorrow.”

I sh*t you not on all of the above.

Jeet with a four hit night.. and a Castillo-esque dropped pop-up. Not kidding. Ball must’ve had a mind of it’s own.. never seen
that happen to the Capt’n.

Another game, another bomb. A-Rod now one behind Palmeiro on the
seemingly pointless all-time HR list now. With or without the ‘roids
though, Alex is a beast.

Posada bare handed play = sick. Facial expression he gave after it =
siiiiick. I’ve realized the reason he and Burnett have the ultimate
chemistry.. badazz’s think alike. Gave Figgins a good stare down.

– Despite the bashing that could [and has been] rained upon Brian Bruney tonight and of late, hey, the guy got it right in the 8th.

– *Virtual bowdown* to Jonathan Sanchez on the would-be perfecto. Uribe must love himself.

Leader Of The Crapfest:

crapfest 6:10.jpg

Fact Of Baseball:
Offense gives you five runs, bright idea wouldn’t be to give them back.

Start breathing through your eyelids.

On Deck: Interesting pitching matchup.. Pettitte taking on Jered Weaver. Redemption after that last start by Andy would be much appreciated.


Back In The Bandbox, pt. 2

So.. anyone still have a problem with it?

seattle homers.jpg

Me too.

Side Notes:

– I’m still in awe of that Pluto shot by Russell Branyan, off the glass of the Mohegan Sun sports bar.. sick.
Thought A-Rod would be the first to hit it there, but must give the guy
credit. Came one strikeout shy of two back-to-back nights with the
Golden Sombrero so he was due for some redemption.

– Have to quote a tweet by Ross, of New Stadium Insider, regarding Joe G. riding Aceves’ magic for a bit too long. “He is bi-polar with his managing. One night he micromanages, the next he autopilots.” Can’t be summed up any better than that. [Aceves was stellar before that mistake though..]

– Also in the category of what-the-hell, who
was that in the 5-hole? Seemed oddly reminiscent of the old Robbie
Cano, but my eyes must deceive me.. Will praise him when he picks up
one of those hits with the game on the line.

– And who was the guy in the 7-spot? Return of Godzilla? Would be about damn time.. Just sayin’.

Your Quick Bit Of Hilarity:
Apparently the Subway Series never ends, because we got another Met
moment, courtesy of Ichiro Suzuki dropping one in right. Fans at the
stadium naturally let him have it on the next pop up hit his direction,
and after catching it to end the inning Ichiro exacted some revenge with a
not so smart move. Unlike Suzuki, Castillo took it like a man. Fake
ball toss to the stands? Bush league Ichiro, bush league.

– The latest celeb at the stadium.. Jack Nicholson. Had the best seat in the house, sitting right behind home plate. Supposedly had a ball being on the big screen in the ballpark. Did not partake in the wave. Good man.

Leader Of The Crapfest:

lotc 62.jpg

6 earned runs allowed on 10 hits through 5.2 innings..
Forget you were facing the Mariners?

– In other news.. Kyle Blanks couldn’t handle a bit of bees? C’mon.. Joba had midges making a home on his neck.. Be a man.. Speaking of, Padres get a delay [lasting all of 52 minutes]
in the 9th inning of a game they obviously weren’t going to win, but
the Yanks were to forced to just suck it up [it the middle of the ALDS]? Death to Bruce Froemming.. [If he happens to pass any time in the near future, I never said this..]

For your amusement:


On Deck: Mr. Badazz facing Brian Tallet to start a four game series with Toronto. Got more one-hit stuff in the tank?

Yeah.. Baseball Gods Still Run Shiet..

.. and they rather cleverly tag-teamed with Mother Nature this time to prove it. Add this series loss [to a team 18 games behind in their division in the middle of June] to the.. surprises
of the Subway Series and you get their point. Don’t underestimate the
level of their cruelty [or count your wins before they’re in the
books.. or something like that..]
. As if winless against Boston so far
this season wasn’t enough, we must witness this:

nationals win.jpg


Side Notes:

– New schedule proposal: 20 games against the Mets next year, how ’bout it? At least then the Yanks could play crummy baseball and still win the games.

– I swear Adam Dunn = Seth Rogan + Wheaties/’Roids.

Congrats to Francisco Cervilli for becoming one of the few in the
game to make a great play that could very well be labeled a blooper at
the same time. Most hilarious dive for a ball ever.

Also in the category of stellar plays is Gardner’s catch and crash.
Can’t even bow down enough to the effort [and overall grittiness] being
displayed by Brett The Jet. That collision last night really didn’t look pretty. Not a moment’s hesitation from entire team to jog out to center when he went down. The kid is vital.

In the category of “about damn time” is Bruney’s re-return and Jose
Veras’ disappearance. No offense to JV, but that DFA was a long time

I’d still love to know why this lineup can’t, for the life of them, hit
rookies. The opposition can pick any random AAA arm out of a hat and
put him on the mound if they want a win against the Yanks these days..
and hey, look, a rook is on the mound for the Marlins tonight.

On Deck: Pettite
will face a 23 year old by the name of Sean West to start a 9 game
interleague roadtrip. Though the Yanks will probably continue to make
young guns looks like Cy Young, pitchers bat in NL parks.. and one
might just slip.

Some pics from Tuesday’s game, if interested:



Okay I lied.. that was more than some.

P.S. Almost forgot.. first homerless game in the Bronx this season last night. Never thought it’d happen.

Seriously?. . . What Does It Take?

Maybe yankees.com/ticketmaster knows something we don’t:

Picture 1.jpg

This blows.

Side Notes:

– No post for last night because last night never happened, okay?

– Only saw about 4 innings of this one, so blah… But playing below .500 again? Could we possibly have left that in ’08?

– Hate to diss Jorge, but why is it that we see the stellar pitching performances when Molina is behind the plate? Just sayin’..

On Deck: Our
hopes relying on Phil Hughes, who gets the start tomorrow in place of
Wang to face Edwin Jackson tomorrow night and end this 4 game losing
streak.. oh boy..

Or Not. . .

Unbelievably despicable.

All I have to say after that slow and painful massacre is maybe the Yanks should’ve ditched these love seats:

legends suite.jpg

… and spent their money on a bullpen that just might not let this happen:

yanks boston 42509.jpg

Though 8 of those runs were charged to Jeckyll/Hyde Burnett today.. a 6 run lead turned into a 5 run loss? Seriously? I swear the bases were loaded more times than hours played these last two games… Disgusting.

Side Notes:

– I honestly don’t even care about winning the game tomorrow.. I want each and every player wearing a Red Sox jersey plunked… twice.

– Jim Wolf and Brian O’nora both should pay the eye doctor a visit. Burnett was squeezed and [to quote a tweet by Rebecca of This Purist Bleeds Pinstripes] “If TIM F***ING MCCARVER says [Ellsbury] was out, he was f***ing out.”

– Thank you to Jeffy, Jason, Julia, Tim The Wiz, Nick, Andrew & Pinstripepower for all stopping by the in-gamer today.. Julia was obviously the only one happy by the end of it.

On Deck: Hopefully the real stopper will be standing up. Andy Pettitte facing Justin Masterson in a “Can we salvage some
pride [assuming we have any left]?” game tomorrow night. I’m thinking
it’ll be another disaster, unless Old Reliable can go the full 9.. or 8
at the very least [though Boston seems to have a spell over Mo]..
*Fingers crossed*..

P.S. If Joe T. were still managing and George Steinbrenner were still in charge, Joe G. would of got a verbal smack in the face by now. I hate to be hard on him, but c’mon.. a couple bad moves too many.

P.P.S. According to Abraham, “Bruney has what they are calling a strained flexor mass. His ligaments
are fine, it’s a muscle injury. He will not throw for a week and
they’re hoping that takes care of it.” Some good news.. but we’re still screwed till he gets back..

Screwed In More Ways Than One

thought it’d get worse than that 22-4 game.. but this just about did
it. No lopsided score, but this one couldn’t get any more cruel. It
really needs no recap, but let me lay out how ugly it was, how much it
pissed me off, and how the Yanks are screwed [at least for near future]:

1.) Joe G. has a twisted delusion that he’s a magician and can pull his managerial decisions out of a hat.

2.) Playing Where’s Waldo
Bruney was rigged.. he wasn’t even in the picture. Where was he? On his
way back to New York for an MRI for his elbow. And why were we forced
to play the guessing game and didn’t hear about his departure or even
the suspicion of a problem with his elbow until after we needed him and the game was over you ask? I’d love to know that too.

The only thing worse than Cody Ransom, is no Cody Ransom. Despite his
A-Rod-esque trouble under the pressure.. when you have to resort to the
backup’s backup.. you know you’re screwed.

Wang can reuse his blue badge once more as he is on the DL again.
Though there doesn’t seem to be an actual injury, with the Yanks
expected to merely make something up to get the extra roster spot while
he figures things out, I almost wished it were an injury.. At least
then we’d know the problem. But seriously, can our rotation ever last more than 3 weeks into the season?

5.) The ’08 Yankee offense just won’t die.. The reappearance of the sky high number of runners left in scoring position was ridiculous.

The ‘pen is a box of chocolates.. You never know which you’re going to
get. Seems to be a toss up between the good or the bad one when the
BruMo tag team doesn’t roll out. Tonight just so happened to be a mix. The Good: Phil Coke, Albaladejo and Damaso Marte. The Bad: Mariano Rivera… and Damaso Marte.

7.) J-Bay needs to learn a thing or two. You do not smack one off Rivera. Quite the opposite in fact. He smacks you with a cut fastball that your bat can’t do anything but shatter in defense against.. Next time, get with the program.

8.) Youk won this
round.. but just a head up: protect your ribcage later today facing
A.J. big man.. Ortiz’ only spoke of headhunting.. Everything from the
neck down is fair game.

Side Notes:

– Speaking of Big Papi.. a big old Golden Sombrero for him.. Not so mean without Manny behind you eh?

– Prez Levine is one funny dude. Despite the hint of bastardness, his comeback at Don Garber is priceless:

Don Garber discussing Yankee attendance must be a joke. We draw more people in a year than his entire league does in a
year. If he ever gets Major League Soccer into the same time zone as
the Yankees, we might take him seriously… Hey Don, worry about Beckham, not the Yankees. Even he wants out of your league.

– Speaking of.. I must say, Boston’s tiniest ones are the most dangerous.. I swear.. they are sneaky little.. well, you know.

On Deck: Some eff-n payback, I plead. Burnett must again be forced to perform big and now on the biggest stage in the second game of this season within the season, facing Josh Beckett at 4:10 p.m. ET.

When Video Games Become Real

… things like this happen:


and this:

and this:

.. but those last two were besides the point.

That box score is all you get for a game summary.

Side Notes:

– My replacement suggestions for Wang in the rotation: Swish, the bat boy or the stadium squirrel from last year. Can’t go wrong with those options.. or any, for that matter.. is there even a slight possibility that it could get worse than that?

My explanation for the home run fiesta: The Indians have discovered a
new undetectable super steroid, put an invisibility cloak over some
midges they brought to New York and got extra help from the specters
still floating around, who are throwing a fit because the seats that
were named after them in the new ballpark are a joke.

Despite putting up another 0-fer.. Swish still got me laughing with his
presentation of the Yankee lineup before the bottom of the 1st and his
accurate one word prediction of the game’s outcome during BP with a
yell of “Fore!”

The pressure was obviously high for Claggett, having to make his major
league debut in Yankee Stadium in relief of a horrible outing by Wang..
but 8 runs? and a grand slam? in 1.2 innings?… Good luck kid.

– As for the other relievers.. yet another game where not one arm kept a run off the board.. The pen doesn’t need help, it needs complete facial reconstruction.

Probably another way in which the Yanks will promote the new stadium’s
greatness: “Love the long ball? You’ll find it here.” I only wish there
was a stronger word than simply ridiculous to describe the stadium’s secret power.. If, by some miracle, there’s a day that the stadium doesn’t
witness a home run this season, be sure there’s a ventilator on hand..
many will be shocked. I don’t know how a one block move has produced
such a difference, but boy, it’s going to be one hell of a season..

On Deck: A.J. Burnett facing he who shall not be named at 1:05. If anyone is going to be hitting homers tomorrow, it better be the Yankees. A loss versus Pav can not happen.

P.S. Viva la “We Want Swisher” chant.